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My eyes!

Holy crap! The Steelers throw-back uniforms are totally destroying my eyes. What the hell were they smoking in 1934 that they thought this was a good idea? The players look like a cross between a chain gang and giant bumblebees. I'm watching this game on the smallest TV in my house. At least they backed off the neon pink today. Yikes.

Also, the Steelers may lead the league in 3rd down conversions, but I do wish they would score from the red zone without all the dramatics. Redskins today, so I'm looking forward to seeing RG3 play. I've come to terms with the fact that the Steelers aren't doing so well this year, which, thanks guys, way to take my mind off the lack of hockey. Whatever, Nic, who is a Vikings fan, asks me how many Superbowls the Steelers have won (compared to his team) whenever I complain. It's possible I may be spoiled, or at least used to winning.

Lois and I went to the ballet last night. Giselle. Speaking of drugs, I wonder what they were smoking in 1841 to come up with such a wack story. Lots of peasants, at all events.

The Champs for Charity hockey game made me smile and cry at the same time. Dammit. I hope weather doesn't keep Kaner and his mom from flying out today.

In fact, I hope the weather doesn't screw anybody's day up.

Time for a Neville and Lucy picspam, I think.

photo bench (1)

He doesn't like bath time.

photo bath(1)

I was eating a piece of cheese. I think they wanted some.

photo cheese(1)

Aunt Lois bought him a Halloween shirt.

photo costume (1)

Hogging the bones. You can't see Horace, but he's out of frame, staring longingly.

photo bones (1)

Lucy in my suitcase, the one that's in constant use.

photo lucy(1)

You'd think they were actually friends here. Not at all. :)

photo sleeping(1)
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Ahahaha, love the one where they're after your cheese. No peace for you!