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2012-11-16 10:26 am

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In the excitement about all the lovely election results last week, I forgot to mention the one result I wasn't happy about and haven't actually heard anybody mention - CA and the death penalty. That one was a disappointment.

Larry's coming home this weekend again. He's testifying in a court case on Monday - utility lines down, woman electrocuted, as her doctor, he gets to testify about the gruesome details - so he'll be home this afternoon. He's going back to Cbus on Tuesday, then I'm going over on Wednesday for Thanksgiving. That's a lot of togetherness.

Steelers injury update - not only does Ben have a separated shoulder, he has a dislocated rib, and if he plays, it could PUNCTURE HIS AORTA. What the hell kind of an injury is that? Also, no hockey, and now I see the NFL playoffs receding into the distance. It's going to be a gloomy winter.

Mini-nano is an interesting thing. I signed up for 300 words a day, because I didn't want any PRESSURE. The first four days of November, I was finishing up my SDMB and wrote about 1500 words a day. Now, I'm back to doing what I always do with this, which is dashing off my word requirement around midnight every night, and ending up with a meandering, disjointed mess of an attempted story.

As the NHL CBA "negotiations" progress, or rather, don't progress, I've been comparing the parties involved to middle school boys. But that's really become an insult to middle schoolers everywhere. [personal profile] kiffle says even kindergarten is being too generous, so we have settled on the Terrible Twos. Jfc.
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2012-11-11 04:28 pm

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Yes, that's me in today's Puck Daddy Fan Vent.

I'm totally counting that as my [community profile] mini_wrimo word count for the day.

NFL Today, my version:

Wtf, Giants?

Way to be classy, John Harbaugh. Also, really, whatever announcer I was only half-listening to: Can the Ravens look this good at Heinz Field? Well, they won't be playing the Raiders at Heinz Field, so probably not....Not that two games in the next three weeks against Baltimore doesn't make me anxious, but still.

Bill Belichick and his stupid short-sleeved hoodie. :(

That's enough. Off to Erin and Nic's for dinner.
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2012-11-02 09:10 am

(no subject)

Oh, god, Larry's going to attempt plumbing. That never ends well. The faucet on our bathtub is dripping and when the plumber was here a couple of weeks ago to fix the toilet, he didn't want to bother with the faucet that day, for a number of reasons = he didn't want to bother.

During other plumbing attempt, Larry once threw a sink down the stairs in a rage. He knows how to do things in theory, but there's a reason he's a SURGEON, not a PLUMBER.

But the faucet is dripping so badly that I've been collecting water and using it to fill the fish tank when it gets low, water the plants, and make coffee.

Yesterday, Larry helped me change the lightbulbs in the fish tank, which resulted in an over-flowing reservoir and water all over the carpet.

He's very meticulous and OCD about handyman stuff, but it never quite turns out the way he wants it to. He'll get a level out every time he hangs a picture, and measure and mark up the wall, and the pictures are always crooked and in the wrong spot. One time he remodeled our guest bathroom and now there is wood paneling covering the heat/AC vent.

He just informed me that he's "not at the point of no return yet" and he's going to the hardware store. Good thing we have more than one bathroom.

But it makes him feel useful and he's been away from his house for a while, so he's enjoying himself.

In other news, the sun is shining. That's a very nice thing to see after 6 straight days of rain.
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2012-11-01 07:17 pm

(no subject)

In the end, I decided against MtYG. I waffled and wavered and changed my mind about a million times, but I've had so much trouble writing this year, and I've sworn off deadlines for a while, (after Monday, when my SDMB is posted, god willing), and I just couldn't do it.

I'm sad, because that means my 9 year run is at an end. I really wanted to be able to say I wrote for the same challenge 10 years in a row. But deadlines have given me a rash this year, so for my own sanity I said no.

:sniffs: I feel kind of bereft.

I heard from Adam today: (third time since he went back to Japan in August - he's quite the communicator)

I just wanted to make sure everyone is safe and doing ok after that big storm I'm not sure if it really hit Pitts or not. So I was a little worried about everyone. Life here is awesome nothing special or anything but I'm extremely content here and everyday is an adventure. I'd say 95 percent of everyday is completely new. Filled with shit I've never seen or done. As I once told you novelty in the universe when graphed will go vertical in December and as far as I'm concerned I'm living proof of that hypothesis. I hope your all doing well.

The NHL hasn't cancelled the Winter Classic yes, although they're supposedly going to do so this week. Nov. 3 seems to be the deadline for that. The rampant stupidity on both sides is still amazing to me.

SPN 8.05 )
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2012-10-28 09:26 pm

My eyes!

Holy crap! The Steelers throw-back uniforms are totally destroying my eyes. What the hell were they smoking in 1934 that they thought this was a good idea? The players look like a cross between a chain gang and giant bumblebees. I'm watching this game on the smallest TV in my house. At least they backed off the neon pink today. Yikes.

Also, the Steelers may lead the league in 3rd down conversions, but I do wish they would score from the red zone without all the dramatics. Redskins today, so I'm looking forward to seeing RG3 play. I've come to terms with the fact that the Steelers aren't doing so well this year, which, thanks guys, way to take my mind off the lack of hockey. Whatever, Nic, who is a Vikings fan, asks me how many Superbowls the Steelers have won (compared to his team) whenever I complain. It's possible I may be spoiled, or at least used to winning.

Lois and I went to the ballet last night. Giselle. Speaking of drugs, I wonder what they were smoking in 1841 to come up with such a wack story. Lots of peasants, at all events.

The Champs for Charity hockey game made me smile and cry at the same time. Dammit. I hope weather doesn't keep Kaner and his mom from flying out today.

In fact, I hope the weather doesn't screw anybody's day up.

Time for a Neville and Lucy picspam, I think.

photo bench (1)

cut for my lack of scrapbook wrangling skills )
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2012-10-08 03:56 pm

I've read a lot "" of different articles and blogs and positions and...

...I've decided the big winners in the NHL lockout are the equipment companies and the ones who make the jerseys. All those new European sweaters.

Other winners:

The KHL.

And the rest of Europe.

I think what I saw someone say on Puck Daddy is right - when Sid goes to Europe, then the NHL will finally say, oh, shit. This isn't good. Maybe we should make an effort to end this!

NHL players leaving for Europe on a daily basis tells me they're planning on a long lockout. The fact that guys were going over there pretty much the minute the doors slammed shut tells me they've known that all along.

Geno (at least I win championship in Russia!) Malkin left almost immediately. Alex (at least here they appreciate me) Semin went. Alex (I am the greatest!) Ovechkin is long gone. Jaromir (I own my own team in the Czech Republic, suckas!) Jagr left.

And now Danny (I don't want to leave my kids) Briere and Claude (wait for me, Danny!) Giroux are going. So is Henrik (I can't afford the insurance and anyway Don Fehr needs me) Zetterburg.

Only Sid, the Staal Clone Army, the Oiler kids, the Stanley Cup champions, and the majority of the Chicago Blackhawks are still here, it seems. (And yes, it sucks for the fourth liners who are stuck staying here with nothing to do but train, and I don't mean to ignore them, but this situation isn't about them, really. It's about the owners spending money they don't have on stupid contracts and then freaking out about it. And they're not spending it on the fourth liners.) When Kane and Toews go, when Sharpy and Duncs and Keith go, then we'll know for sure there's not going to be a season this year. (I personally think Tazer is keeping them all here by sheer force of will.) If Steve Montador goes, it'll be all over for sure.

Allegedly it would cost Sid $400k in insurance to play in Europe. If he can figure something out and sign with somebody over there, then maybe the owners will come to their senses. Business as usual, the same old negotiating tactics, are not going to cut it this time.

I think the players went into this thing determined to win. They wouldn't have hired Don Fehr if they didn't mean it. I think they're perfectly willing to sacrifice the season, because they think if they lose, nothing will change and we'll be doing this again in five years, when they will again lose. They also hate Bettman with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns and are still pissed about 2004-2005, even the guys who were in middle school at the time.

I believe the League when they say they were willing to negotiate during the spring and summer, but Fehr wasn't. He knew the owners were determined to lock the players out, and he knew if that happened, it was a PR win for the players. They can say all they want that they're willing to play and negotiate at the same time, and I'm sure they are, but they knew full well that the owners would never let that happen. (Because the owners are stupid, stubborn bullies who think the players are expendable, replaceable cattle, for the most part. And because they think they need the leverage. And because they won last time, and they think the minute escrow runs out and the players aren't getting paid, the players will start fighting among themselves and cave. Which they won't, because Donald Fehr won't let them, even if the want to. Which is why they hired him.) Anyway, this makes the players look better than the owners.

Donald Fehr is not there to negotiate a settlement. He's there to win, to keep the players unified, and to keep them from giving in this time. Players bolting for Europe, to my mind, is him and the NHLPA saying to the owners, go ahead, lock us out. There are plenty of other places to play hockey. We don't need you. (I think they're wrong in the longterm, obviously, but in the short term, I think it's brilliant.)

In the paper copy of SI that I got last week, there's not one mention of hockey. Not a list of who's gone to Europe, not a mention of the cancelled games, not one word. As far as ESPN is concerned, hockey doesn't actually exist. Except for hockey fans, and Canada, no one cares about the NHL. Certainly not anyone in the US who isn't already a fan. The President of the United States weighed in on the NFL officials lockout. He probably isn't even aware that the NHL isn't playing.

Both the owners and players should get over themselves and realize they're not as important as they think they are. The owners especially. As shown, the players can find other places to play. Replacement players would be a disaster - I love hockey at any level, but I'm not playing NHL prices for ECHL talent. The owners are going to shoot themselves in the foot, big time. They're going to fuck up their sport and make it even more marginalized than it already is. This isn't the way to "grow the sport." And if it's just a small part of your business empire, or a tax write-off, I guess that's okay. It sure seems stupid and short-sighted to me, though. And the timing really sucks.

This isn't the way to make hockey more popular in the non-traditional hockey markets that Bettman has been determined to populate with NHL teams. There's college football and NFL football and basketball and the baseball playoffs and who needs hockey?

Non-traditional hockey markets aren't bad in and of themselves. There are junior programs and players in Dallas, in LA, in places where hockey has grown. But it's not going to happen if you keep INTERRUPTING THINGS WITH LOCKOUTS AND LABOR DISPUTES.

I get that a lot of teams are losing money. Maybe the cap floor has something to do with that, hmmm?? By forcing teams to spend money they don't have, and allowing the richer teams to essentially say too bad, so sad, the League is just being stupid. Dear Nashville, you are losing money, you're located in TENNESSEE, but by god, you have to pay way more money than you take in just to keep Shea Weber in town.

The players have made concessions, but the League wants more. Which is part of the problem, and part of the baggage from 2005. The League has admitted that its initial offer was a mistake. Instead of being seen as a place to begin negotiating, it was seen as an attack, and only alienated and solidified the players even more. So then they made concessions to get to a much more reasonable place, but by then the players were like, fuck you. Here's our proposal, you address the issues that are responsible for this happening again and again, or we're out of here.

ESPN is snickering up its sleeve at being able to poke the NHL by showing KHL games.

I'm pretty solidly in the player's corner on this one, but make no mistake. They are more interested in winning than they are in playing this season. Partly out of a sincere desire for long-lasting labor peace, and partly out of a desire for both revenge and not being bested by the owners yet again.

And this sounds like I'm all philosophical and fine with it all, which of course I'm not. I think it's embarrassing and ridiculous and they all of them, including Don Fehr, need to look around and see that this is *not* a major sport, and it never will be if this kind of shit keeps happening.

And there's my further take on the lockout. At this point in time, anyway. :)
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2009-05-09 09:57 pm

All the dreamers in the world are dizzy in the noodle

Stupid hockey game, going into overtime. Historically, the Pens are 7-0 in Game 5's against the Caps, so we'll see.

ETA: OMG, the Pens just scored and won in overtime! \o/ That totally went right off a Capitol's stick!

Larry got me flowers for Mother's Day, which was unusual and very, very sweet of him. He usually claims I'm not his mother and so is therefore not obligated to do anything. But he knows this year is making me sad for some reason, and he knows our children won't remember. So, yeah, sweet.

Someone at [community profile] spnstoryfinders is looking for a "collage AU." I wonder if it's therapeutic collage.

I'd like to get Larry to go with me to see Star Trek tomorrow, but I don't think I'm going to have much luck. I should just go by myself, he'll want to work in the yard with his little dog.

I've been thinking about SPN and I almost have a theory worked out about the seals. It needs a little more thought, though.

Best subject line I've seen regarding 4.21: Newborn babies - it's what for dinner.

I've been buying books lately, which I rarely ever do. I hardly ever read profic anymore, but I do like nonfiction. In the past two weeks I bought Jillian Michaels' book about metabolism - I hope she can tell me where to find one - Jim Beaver's book, Columbine, which is fascinating, Robert Wagner's autobiography - I needed something to read flying home from San Francisco last month during the times I had to turn my ebook off for takeoff and landing - the Smart Bitches' book about romance novels, and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which is fabulous.

[profile] kkgee has finished posting her wonderful J2 story, Just One Breath, which is awesome and should be read immediately.
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2009-04-20 10:55 am
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Okay, let's see how this crossposting thing works.

Of all the fun things that went on in Australia this weekend, I found that Misha saying that SPN fans like him - and Castiel - because he's not female was very interesting. I pretty much am able to stay away from those parts of the fandom, only hearing about them peripherally, just like I try and avoid the girlfriend haters and the folks who constantly bitch about Every Little Thing the show does, the Let's Give Them a Bound Copy of Slash people and the OMG Jared and Jensen are perfect/assholes crowd.

But I found it very insightful of him to say that.

He obviously is fascinated by fandom.

On a different note, I've been thinking about Susan Boyle. While watching that made me all teary, and I watched it many times, I've also been thinking about it. I think what made me teary was the quality of her singing voice, and the sheer pluckiness of her personality. What bothered me was the assumption on everyone's part that just because she's not young and gorgeous meant that her voice being gorgeous was a big surprise. Like only pretty people can sing pretty. The fact that it was all such a big deal because a fairly unattractive person can sing so beautifully. I'd like to think that it's a big deal because people's expectations were confounded and we again learned not to judge a book by its cover, but I'm afraid that's not what it was really all about.

It's raining and 40 here. WHERE IS SPRING?

The Penguins are leading the Flyers, 2 games to 1. I love playoff hockey, and I need to find my Pens icon. I have no idea where I put it.
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2009-04-15 12:13 am

(no subject)

Man, I have a list of things to do in my head, but I keep forgetting what they are. Flying east just kills my brain. It's only a three hour time difference and I was only in SF for four and a half days! Come on!

Happy belated Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] saba1789, one of my most favorite people.

I have a Dreamwidth account, and I'm withdiamonds over there, too. I like the idea of it, and it seems like fun. I imagine I'll be cross-posting for the foreseeable future. I'm not leaving LJ behind. So I'm over at DW putzing around trying to figure it all out, which is I guess the whole point of a beta account. It's been fascinating to see all the varied reactions around town my flist to DW. As I said to [livejournal.com profile] apetslife, so many situations in life can be compared to lunch in a middle school cafeteria. And I mean no offense by that, it's just human nature.

I finally got around to reading the EW article on Supernatural. It seems like a perfectly fine article to me. I mean, the editorial slant was obvious, but I didn't get a feeling of OH NOES JARED AND JENSEN HATE THE SHOW AND KRIPKE AND VANCOUVER AND THEIR WHOLE ENTIRE LIVES. Just, you know, they were tired and grieving when the interview was done. I can't imagine February in Vancouver is any less soul-killing than February in Pittsburgh, and if anyone had interviewed me in February, they'd have wanted to do some kind of intervention after. Of course Jared and Jensen and Kripke want it to be over with. It doesn't mean they hate it. And Kripke always said five years and out, so, you know. The last thing we need is another X-Files, people. If Dawn is so enamored of the show now, she can increase the budget for next year.

Like everyone else, I've been obsessively watching Susan Boyle make Simon Cowell smile. Amazing.

[livejournal.com profile] frausorge has written a beautiful bit of Threemanbus here. I approve of this very much.

I really don't like being spoiled for the big things about SPN, but I can't resist clicking on spoiler links. It's a sickness, I think.

I have 5000 words of Big Bang written. Can I manage to produce 1000 words a day for the next fifteen days on a story I have no idea where it's going, or if I even like it? Only time will tell, I guess. One thing that might help is to stop watching videos on YouTube, yes?

The most amazing story I've read in a while is Not Time's Fool by [livejournal.com profile] pandarus. It's girl!Dean, hot, angsty, and funny. She handles current canon with a light hand, and the love between Sam and Dean is so intense, so palpable, no matter what's going on. It's calling to me to read it again RIGHT NOW, but maybe that will be my reward for writing. Hmm, maybe I can read one part for every 1000 words I manage.

It's gray and rainy and it feels like it's still February here. Ick.

Also, [livejournal.com profile] fanficrants is like crack.
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2009-04-13 12:31 pm

(no subject)

Happy Late Easter to everyone who celebrates.

I'm home, got home late last night. All the airports I've been in since I started this trip last night - six in all - were all so busy, day and night, except for Pittsburgh. It's really sad to see the effect of USAirways pulling out has done. When we landed last night, we were the only people in the whole place, I swear.

It was a fabulous trip, if long. Nine days is a long time to be gone. But I was in two of my favorite places with two of my favorite people, and I got to see two more of my favorite people, and it was wonderful.

I have a million things to do, to catch up on, Big Bang to write, but right now Neville and I have to go out and look for squirrels. Priorities, dude.
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2009-04-08 04:19 pm

(no subject)

You guys!! Remix 7 Anything Can Happen sign-ups are open! I signed up, and if I'm doing it, everyone else should, too. You all must go and sign up now.

Come on, really. It's fun. There needs to be lots of people signing up. Sign up by April 11!

Did I mention you should sign up?
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2009-04-08 03:23 pm

(no subject)

[livejournal.com profile] silveryscrape and I are sitting in the Orlando airport, waiting for our flight to Dallas. Then 3 hours in Dallas until we fly to San Jose. Then a shuttle to her place. Then into San Francisco tomorrow, to the hotel where Erin is staying to dump my luggage, an afternoon in my favorite city, and dinner with Erin.

Friday will be SPENT WORKING ON BIG BANG, DAMMIT, while Erin works, then dinner with Mary and [livejournal.com profile] lesasoja. Then Erin and I will spend Saturday doing SF things, and I'll fly home to snowy Pittsburgh on Sunday. I can only hope the snow is gone by them.

Now that you're all apprised of my schedule for the rest of the week, you'll rest easy, I'm sure.

Disney was fabulous, if packed with people. We had a lovely dinner with [livejournal.com profile] topaz119 last night, while the House of Boys entertained themselves elsewhere. Mary even let us talk about Supernatural without scoffing or telling us how ugly she thinks Jared is.

Mary and I talked about popslash a lot, about Chris and JC and loss. What they lost seven years ago, what we lost.

There is some kind of construction going on at the Orlando airport involving the ceiling, and they have a plastic tube running the length of the place blowing cold air at us. I feel like we're sitting in a wind tunnel, and I think it's time to find both an outlet and a new place to sit.
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2009-04-03 12:08 am
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2009-04-02 08:34 pm

(no subject)

Happy new Supernatural night!

I am all packed and very excited to see [livejournal.com profile] silveryscrape tomorrow. Not to mention Mickey Mouse.
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2009-04-01 12:59 am

(no subject)

You guys, I just spent the whole evening commenting all over the post of the whackadoodle whose squee was so harshed by the mere presence of Jensen's girlfriend in the same room as HER AND JENSEN OMG at the LA con this weekend that she jokingly asked security to toss Danneel out of the room. I was having great fun, but now comments are frozen and I have to go back to thinking about how this is day THREE of this migraine and I'm so not doing that again.

Although as I commented to [livejournal.com profile] apetslife, it could be the massive amounts of fail in the SPN fandom today that's keeping the migraine going.

And what do you mean, that wasn't a very productive way to spend my evening when I only have 1000 words of my second Big Bang attempt written? Shut up. Ashley is refusing to talk to me until I have more to show her. Okay, that's not true, she sent me about twenty emails today, but most of them were about races she wants to do and why is everything scheduled for the same weekend? There's a race at King's Island in Cincinnati that looks fabulous and I grew up going to KI and it would be great fun, but it's the same weekend as Beatlefest and there's just no way. The 2010 Disney half marathon is already 80% full, so we need to make a decision about that. We were thinking of skipping it this year, but Erin isn't happy about that, so we're reconsidering. Part of me wants to try the full marathon, but I don't know if I'm brave enough.

The next scheduled episode in my What to Watch While Working Out schedule is IMToD, but I haven't done anything since Sunday, so you know this headache is kicking my ass if even Dean wandering around barefoot and in scrubs hasn't gotten me moving.

And wow, does Maxalt give me the munchies. Anyone else get the munchies from migraine meds? Last night I ate a bowl of Special K, several pickles, a candy bar and a glass of OJ all at the same time.

It apparently also makes me chatty. I'm sitting here in bed waiting for the vicodin to kick in so I can sleep, and apparently I'm finding a lot to say.

There's something about breaking that fourth wall that makes people go a little nuts, doesn't it? I mean, even back in the heyday of popslash, when the guys weren't even really that accessible, it could get weird. I think it's the cognitive dissonance of hey, there's NSYNC on MTV, singing at halftime at the Superbowl, up onstage at a giant concert, and then we're all at CFTC and suddenly I'm in an elevator with JC and Chris or sitting by the pool watching Joey's kid swim and listening to his sister bitch about him. It's a little surreal, I know.

But since I wasn't raised by wolves and have some common sense and dignity and you know, manners, I managed not to do anything stupid. Even with the amount of alcohol I consumed at bowling, I was too chicken to even talk to Lance when he was sitting right next to me. Just because I'd paid to go to a basketball game didn't mean any of them owed me anything other than to show up and play basketball, or, in Lance's case in Chicago, coach. :) And you know, it didn't harsh my squee that Cameron was in Miami, either. Because whether she was there or not had no bearing on the likelihood of Justin deciding it was really me he loved and not his hot mother girlfriend.

Anyway, if you have no idea what I'm going on about, lucky you. Instead of worrying about Jensen and Danneel, maybe we can all gather stories for a fanfiction anthology to give to Misha Collins. I hear he's interested. :)

Good god, I'm going to bed now.
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2009-03-31 08:03 pm

(no subject)

Happy Birthday, [livejournal.com profile] wovenindelibly! ILU, Jessa.
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2009-03-30 06:18 pm

(no subject)

So poor Lucy is home and she's still very groggy and for some reason her back legs aren't really working and Neville keeps chasing her, the little shithead. And she keeps falling over, and she just keeps rolling until she's on her back. She can't eat until tomorrow, so she's safely shut away in Adam's room.

I think my crappy day is migraine related. I sort of forgot that I had one yesterday until it came back this afternoon. Ah, well. I was almost convinced that it was food poisoning from the apple I bought at O'Hare the other day. It was the only think I had to eat yesterday that Larry didn't.

How lame is it to do story recs without saying much other than "I really liked this story?" I mean, I want to tell people to read stories that I love, but I'm crap at trying to tell them why.
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2009-03-30 02:41 pm

(no subject)

Fred has re-surfaced! He was apparently in the sunroom the whole time, even though I searched all over that place with a flashlight a million times. I guess he's done hibernating now. He came out yesterday and spent over half an hour drinking water. You could practically see him re-hydrating.

I have some sort of GI ickyness going on, which meant I was up puking half the night and am now alternating napping and going back and forth to the vet/groomers with Neville and Lucy. Lucy had her teeth cleaned and won't be ready until 5. Neville had his hair done and I just brought him home. He looks like she used garden shears on him, but the good thing about hair is that it grows back, and at least he's clean and untangled. We're now in bed eating old, freezer-burned Eggos.

It's unfortunate that I feel so crappy, because I ran 7 miles yesterday and it was fabulous. I haven't run that far in a while, because my leg of the upcoming Pittsburgh marathon relay is only 5.something miles. I love how I feel after a long run, like I'm tired and a little stiff and it just feels so good. It was a good run because I had negative splits the whole time, too, which is something I've been working on. I really want to increase my pace, and I have, just a bit.

I watched It's a Terrible Life for the third time yesterday, and reading tons of meta. I know I said I wasn't going to read episode reactions anymore, but I may have over-reacted just a tad. Mostly I've come to the conclusion that Kripke's willingness to think outside the box is one of my favorite things about him.

Today is lost, because while I'm feeling better, I'm being totally self-indulgent and not doing anything productive. I'm so rarely sick that I'm not sure what to do with myself. But now I have four days to get ready for a nine day trip. I don't even feel bad leaving Lar for that long, though, because he'll have Neville. He's already arranging the call schedule so he doesn't have to stay late any evening while I'm gone. We wouldn't want Neville to be alone for any length of time.

ETA: Aww, my mood icon. Baby!Justin and his tonsils.
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2009-03-28 01:00 pm

(no subject)

I love airports with free WiFi. We're waiting to board in San Antonio, on our way to O'Hare. Always an adventure. I won't be sorry to leave the country music in every freakin' public space behind, let me tell you.

I so meant to sign up for Sweet Charity this time around. The last time, dammit, and I missed the cutoff date because I wasn't paying attention. Story of my life, seriously.

Larry is very excited to see Neville when we get home.
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2009-03-27 05:56 pm

Did you just call me Sammy?

Greetings from San Antonio. Yes, we're still here, although we're going home tomorrow. It's been a nice week, with the weather all over the place, but this hotel has the most kick-ass fitness facility I've ever seen. I want to live in this hotel, just for that.

We're paying a fortune for wireless here, so I figured I should post at least once.

Larry's been busy networking and politicing and going to talks and been much busier than he usually is at meetings. The American Burn Association is made up of physicians, nurses, dieticians, psychologists, firefighters and burn patients, so there are a lot of different people here. There is a banquet tonight, and it's a casual, jeans kind of banquet.

I now need CEUs to keep my nursing license active in PA and I should totally have taken advantage of this meeting to get a bunch, but I decided to spend my time in the fitness center instead. :)

The amusing thing is that apparently, the folks at Larry's old hospital put out the word that Larry resigned from all things burn and trauma related, including but not limited to his job, committees and all professional organizations. He spent the first couple of days here reassuring people who were surprised to see him that he's still around and is in fact now running a much bigger burn unit than he was before. He thinks it kind of funny, but the President-elect of the ABA, who runs the burn program at Ohio State and was Larry's partner in Dayton, is totally pissed.

So we were out to dinner last night, and when we got back I dl'd 4.17 and watched it. I have many thoughts, but I also am pretty fucking annoyed at some of the negative reaction posts I've seen, so if you didn't like this episode, don't click. I should probably wait until I'm not mad anymore to post anything, but, whatever.There's nothing more annoying than really loving an episode and immediately seeing a big screed about how much it sucked, and I'm not in the mood to be diplomatic.

It's not the last episode they're ever going to give us! )