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posted by [personal profile] withdiamonds at 07:17pm on 01/11/2012
In the end, I decided against MtYG. I waffled and wavered and changed my mind about a million times, but I've had so much trouble writing this year, and I've sworn off deadlines for a while, (after Monday, when my SDMB is posted, god willing), and I just couldn't do it.

I'm sad, because that means my 9 year run is at an end. I really wanted to be able to say I wrote for the same challenge 10 years in a row. But deadlines have given me a rash this year, so for my own sanity I said no.

:sniffs: I feel kind of bereft.

I heard from Adam today: (third time since he went back to Japan in August - he's quite the communicator)

I just wanted to make sure everyone is safe and doing ok after that big storm I'm not sure if it really hit Pitts or not. So I was a little worried about everyone. Life here is awesome nothing special or anything but I'm extremely content here and everyday is an adventure. I'd say 95 percent of everyday is completely new. Filled with shit I've never seen or done. As I once told you novelty in the universe when graphed will go vertical in December and as far as I'm concerned I'm living proof of that hypothesis. I hope your all doing well.

The NHL hasn't cancelled the Winter Classic yes, although they're supposedly going to do so this week. Nov. 3 seems to be the deadline for that. The rampant stupidity on both sides is still amazing to me.

I loved, loved, loved it this week. I did some complaining after 8.02, so I thought it was only fair that I mention how much I liked this week. Especially since Sam called Dean on trying to kill Kevin's mother.

I think part of my problem is that I'm not the least bit interested in Kevin, his mother, Crowley, or hell.

I adored Benny, however. And I wasn't as annoyed by Amelia as I have been. I liked the way Sam and Dean were arguing at the beginning - it seemed very real, very ordinary, and not fraught with loads of crap. They were just really getting on each others' nerves - great fun.

The flashbacks were fun. Interesting dynamics between Cas, Dean and Benny.

Anyway, loved it a lot, can't wait to see what happens next. That's much better than being bored and irritated.
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posted by [personal profile] sperrywink at 01:20pm on 02/11/2012
That's too bad! But if writing is being obstinate, there's not much you can do. Good luck with your deadline!
(and that Adam! Always a trip).
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posted by [personal profile] withdiamonds at 01:31pm on 02/11/2012
I do feel sad about it, though.

In August, while the two of us were drinking much tequila and beer, he talked my ear off about the theory that everything will graph vertical in December. I can't remember what he said was going to happen, then, though. Knowing Adam, it was something catastrophic.


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